Top 10 Spices And Herbs To Trim Your Tummy

Add Them To Your Diet, Like Now!

There’s no question that what you consume on a daily basis plays a major role, if not the only role, it your overall health and body composition. However, when we think of food consumption, we generally only consider whole foods. But what about condiments, beverages, and spices?

In this article, we’ll be discovering the top 10 spices for those looking to lose weight, cut fat, and trim down their tummy areas.

Time to spice it up! Let’s get into it.


This spice, also known as the golden spice, was given its name not only for its distinct orange-gold colour, but because of its vast benefits that it holds. In fact, turmeric is so well known for its health properties that it was even used thousands of years ago for healing practices in traditional Indian medicine.

One such benefit of turmeric is its effect on weight loss. In research done on the correlation between this golden spice and fat loss, evidence suggests that, in fact, turmeric does suppress certain biomarkers that play a role in obesity. Not only that, but additional studies have suggested that regular supplementation is linked to regulating ones metabolism, reducing BMI (body mass index), and even reducing overall waist circumference.

It’s worth noting, however, that correlation doesn’t always imply causation. In other words, more research is certainly needed on the matter before conclusively claiming such benefits.

Nonetheless, turmeric should be included, if it hasn’t been already, into your diet for the long-term, not only for its potential weight loss benefits, but for the vast dictionary of benefits that accompany it.


Did you know that this popular spice is derived from the bark of specific trees?! Who know…

Cinnamon is a versatile spice used in many different manners, and for good reason. It’s well-known anti-oxidant profile, coupled with its effective digestive properties makes it one of the healthiest spices on the market.

This dark brown, almost coco-like spice lends itself well to many palettes and dishes, which is fantastic in and of itself, as many spices, though healthy, would turn you off immensely if you caught it on your food or in your smoothies.

Nonetheless, aside from cinnamons most common health benefits, which are many, it also boasts properties that have been shown to aid in weight loss and fat loss. How? Because of its digestive enzymes, cinnamon is linked to appetite suppression, a reduction in the hormone that makes us hungry, and as such, limits weight gain.

Like all of the spices on this list, more research needs to be done before concluding such claims to be 100% true. Nonetheless, the evidence thus far is strong, and as such, should be included as a staple in ones diet going forward.

Cayenne Pepper

While cayenne pepper is most commonly used to spice up a spicy dish even further, this red chilli pepper derived spice encompasses a whole host of benefits! Who know?!

Containing a less known compound called capsaicin which holds much of the power when it comes to health benefits, cayenne pepper is a strong choice for promoting weight loss because of its effective hunger suppressing characteristic.

In trials that study the correlation between weight loss and cayenne pepper consumption, those that regularly consume this spice see an almost guaranteed suppression in the hormone known as ghrelin – the hormone attributed to stimulating hunger.

For this reason and more, there’s no doubt that cayenne pepper sits at the top of the list for spices that are linked to trimming fat.


Cumin is the ideal herb for any holistic weight loss remedy or concoction. In fact, by adding cumin to your diet, you can begin to notice fat from you belly reduce in as little as 3 weeks!

Cumin is effective at increasing the speed at which your metabolism functions. This not only improves digestion, but also aids in the ability to burn more calories, thus losing more weight overall!


Ginger, derived from the ginger plant has historically been linked to medicinal uses and holistic remedies for decades. Because of its properties, ginger has been commonly used to treat various ailments, including weight loss!

Supplementing with ginger and including it into your dietary grocery list has been shown to not only decrease body weight, but also trim that unwanted body fat. In addition, much like the accompanying spices, ginger is known to suppress appetite which is also a good tool when trying to cut weight.


Looking to cut that unwanted belly fat? Look no further than including rosemary into your dishes. Rosemary is packed with antioxidants that are full of anti-inflammatory properties. Why are these antioxidants beneficial, you ask?

In short, antioxidants prevent the crash of blood sugar levels. In combination with the rest of rosemary’s properties, it creates the perfect storm for weight loss. In addition, it can also become a helpful tool on the fight against metabolic disorders.


Cardamom is another rare herb/spice, unless you’re an avid cook or baker of course…Cardamom has been successfully shown to boost metabolism, help burn fat, and manage health conditions like indigestion, water retention, and constipation. Funny enough, these health conditions are directly correlated to the ability, or inability, to lose weight.

To boot, cardamom also acts as an effective digestive stimulant and diuretic. Without getting to graphic in its description, this will “relieve” you of any unwanted waist in the body, doubling down on weight lost.

Black Pepper

Black pepper is a common spice additive used in many supplements because of its absorption properties. In other words, by adding black pepper to supplementation or any other spice for that matter, greater absorption of nutrients will be achieved.

Outside of this main benefit, black pepper is also a common appetite suppressant in those on a strict weight loss journey. While studies are limited, if you’re looking to pull out all the stops to trim your tummy, black pepper should be a welcomed addition to your diet.

Additionally, if you are someone who takes supplements of any kind, be sure to read the nutritional labels to see whether or not the products you take consume black pepper. While it may seem like


Fenugreek, though not as common as most of the herbs and spices on this list, is still up there in the discussion of the most effective spices at trimming belly fat. Apart of the legume family, fenugreek has been strongly linked to appetite suppression and supporting weight loss.

By consuming fenugreek, ones calories will be significantly reduced, which in turn, will largely impact weight loss results in the journey to trim your tummy.


Thanks to a powerful compound known as carvacrol, oregano, a spice from the herb family of the mints, basils, and thymes may be just the spice for you to increase weight loss results.

In fact, in recent studies that have been done on lab rats, oregano was shown to directly impact genes that control fat synthesis. Moreover, while more research, especially on humans, need to be done on the matter, oregano is a fantastic option for those looking to reduce the effects of weight gain.

Not to mention, it makes your food taste great!

In Summary

While more research needs to be done on the study of herbs and spices and it’s correlation to fat loss and weight loss, the evidence that has been presented thus far is promising to say the least.

Not to mention, although the research isn’t conclusive, at best, it’s at least not harmful. So why not add these spices and herbs to your diet? At worst, your food tastes great, and at best you lose a ton of weight! What more could one even ask for…

Spices and herbs are an extremely effective way to increase the chances of trimming your tummy and cutting weight. Not only that, but it’s easy, it’s simple, and it’s convenient, so you really have no excuse to experiment.

It’s in your hands. Book a date with the grocery store, pick up these spices, and get to cooking! Good luck. 🙂

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